Monday, September 17, 2012

Lucky's Life

I put off and put off adding to my page about my Maine man, Lucky. You see, Lucky passed away several months ago. If a heart can break, I'm pretty sure mine did. He was ill for about a month and then I had to have him put down. It is part of life- this thing called death- but it never comes easy to those of us who cry for the one we've lost......

A couple months after his passing; a new little hellion came to our home. One day, I wanted to simply look at cats and kittens to maybe soothe the emptiness and long story short...... Mac (AKA: MacAttack) came along. Although my heart will forever belong to my Maine man; Mac has effectively (as cats tend to) forced his way in my bed, dinner plate, cabinets, lap......and ultimately, my heart.

Though one day I may have a story to tell about Mac (who am I kidding....... I have a NOVEL in the making on his antics already at five months), but this post is in tribute to my buddy, Lucky. If you'd like a little more insight to My Maine Man; check out my Squidoo tribute to my best boy here.

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