Maine Eats

Ah, the succulent Maine "lobstah". Ok, if you're a Downeaster (meaning a resident of the DownEast coastal portion of Maine), you'll call it "lobstah". For us inlanders, it's still lobster with an "R".

How do you cook one of these guys? Well, some people scream about the inhumanity of it all, but the simplest way to cook a Maine lobster is by boiling it.

My technique is simple: Fill a stockpot with water and set it to boil. Once it's boiling, pick up the lobster around his body and drop him head first into the boiling water. It really is the most humane way to cook them. And no, you don't get squeamish and simply dip the guy and draw him back out exclaiming "I just can't do it!". Trust me, it hurts them more using that technique.

When the lobster turns red, he's done and ready to be pulled out of the water with tongs and cooled slightly before shelling and eating.

There's nothing like a lobster feed in the lazy hazy summer time!

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