About Me

I have an avid interest in passive, and residual income, and am always looking for new ideas to put all my talents to work for me and create my life by design. Online content writing is a big part of that plan and, thus far, has worked out nicely. 

While currently writing for Demand Studios, Suite101 and Squidoo, I've also published 275 articles on eHow.com covering a variety of subjects. Want to know what I'm up to online? - those are some of the areas you'll find me!

Things I like: Making "stuff" and getting creative with it - here are a few samples @ my Zazzle page to check out if you'd like. Optionally, scroll to the bottom of the home page where the Zazzle widget is to see some of my products. (Again, I'm thinking  creativity+online income=life by design)

To stay well-rounded and active, I am also a licensed massage therapist with a strong background in natural, and alternative health, modalities and topics.

My other passions are Fishing, Motorcycle riding, Poker, Photography and time spent with my toes buried in the ocean sand..... not necessarily in that order.

Two loves in my life keep me grounded....my daughters and my cat, Lucky.

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