Monday, June 21, 2010

Maine's Critters that Bug Me

Here in Maine we have four different seasons. One of my favorites is summertime. I do love our short season of warmth ! However, on my daily walks I DON'T like the pesky deer flies. Where you are, you may not have any idea of what a deer fly really is. Imagine a mini black fighter jet. This is what these look like. They buzz 'round and 'round your head until you're dizzy, then they dive bomb and land in your hair. You will inevitably try to think you are faster than they are and will slap yourself in the head trying to kill these creatures who will also inevitably bite you. One out of 10 times (if you're lucky) you will actually connect with one. The other 9 times, you will have simply hit yourself and the fly will continue to torment you.

And when I say they bite, I mean they bite. And it hurts so it's best to just keep swatting like a lunatic to keep them buzzing 'round instead of letting them land.....Come - walk with me. ;-)


  1. Ouch! Sounds like a good cap or hat is in order. OR maybe a mosquito net. Good luck, Shirley!

  2. I grew up in NH and I know exactly what you are talking about!!!


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