Saturday, May 29, 2010


Mainers have their very own language. From "Ayuh" (that's ay-UH, but can only be intoned adequately with a sharp intake of air on the "UH" part), to "cah's" (cars) and "rivah" (river) amongst many others. Hanging out on a Maine waterfront dock is an experience to remember with choosing fresh lobster and listening to the locals.

Along with the special pronunciations (or hacking of the English language), Maine is also known for its quaint "Mainer-isms" (phrases), but with growing up in a house full of men, most of the Maine-speak I learned is not appropriate for general audiences so I'll refrain from posting them. Just know that in a Maine winter it truly is cold enough to freeze the ***** off a brass monkey. (Use your imagination).

I found this article in the Maine Observer that made me laugh. I find it amusing to see so many of the everyday phrases I grew up with depicted as part of the color of Maine. :-)

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  1. The Hallmark movie "Sarah, Plain and Tall" with Glenn Close as a native Mainer.....featured the classic way Mainers talk. It's a winner!


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